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Campaign Songs

In late 2007, Doug formed the Not Ready for Drive Time Singers, a motley, ad hoc collection of mostly tone deaf, tin-eared newspeople, to sing satirical songs he wrote about the 2008 presidential campaign. Thanks to the magnanimous indulgence of his bosses, Director of News and Programming Ed Cavagnaro and Managing Editor Dory Culver, these songs actually aired on KCBS, were tolerated and occasionally even embraced by listeners, and even won some awards. The “singing” was a regular feature of KCBS’ 2008 campaign coverage, a sporadic one during the 2012 race, and could return in 2016, if it’s not drowned out by howls of protest from the station’s audience.

The singers vary from song to song, but have included: Doug Sovern, Angela Corral, Mark Seelig, Joe Rogers, Janice Wright, Melissa Culross and Joyce Dorado. If anyone’s been forgotten, they are surely grateful for the anonymity.

For music links and info on Doug’s career playing bass in rock bands, please click the main MUSIC page. For the Campaign Songs, click on the song files below. And turn it up.


McCain! (to the tune of Fame):

Huckabee (to the tune of Let It Be):

Hillary Rigby (Doug’s personal favorite):

Crocodile Barack (with apologies to Elton John):

Hillary With Her Best Shot:

Torn Between Two Democrats (Feeling Like A Fool):

Don’t It Turn Your Red States Blue:

Iraqi Raccoon (surely, The Beatles would’ve sued by now):

Sarahcuda (to the tune of Barracuda):

(Bye Bye) Republican Guy:

Just Vote Baby (to the tune of Call Me Maybe; this one, from 2012, got a video!):

Just Vote Baby (link to the video on YouTube)

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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for creating the Giants song! Is there somewhere I can download the MP3 to add to my music collection?

    Great work!
    Rick Ericson

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